Siglap Link Seaside Residences New Launch Project

The construction work in Singapore is a process that never stops. Here people need better and more comfortable houses for their living, and various developers are working tirelessly for that. Because of the vast number of projects, many times a buyer gets confused to choose a property for his living. Seaside Residences is one of these many upcoming projects, and it can be an excellent choice for any individual. For your knowledge, I am sharing four of the amazing things that you shall know about this project before looking any other property for your residential purpose.

Siglap Link Seaside Residences East Coast Park

The seaside residences is located at Siglap Road in District 15. You will have an outstanding view from your apartment because you will get to see a beautiful see view from your balcony. Before the balcony, you can see East Coast Park that is extraordinary in itself. So, you will never get bored even when you have nothing to do in your home.

Siglap Link Frasers Centrepoint Seaside New Launch

Living on the seaside is a dream of many people, but only a handful of them get the chance to live this dream. If you buy a property in Seaside residences, then you will have that opportunity for yourself. The development is located at Siglap Link and it is a new launch project by Frasers Centrepoint Homes. The cool breezes coming from sea to your apartment will give you an outstanding experience, and whenever you want to go to the seaside, it is just a short walk from your home.

Education for children is always a big concern for most of the parents living near to East Coast Park, and that keep them away from changing their home. Seaside residence can be a blessing for those parents because more than six best in class education centers are there nearby from this address. These educational institutes can offer the best education for all age group children’s. That will defiantly increase your kid’s grades because they will invest less time in commuting and they will be able to give more time to their studies.

Siglap Link Seaside Residences New Launch Project

There is an extensive list of amenities that you can have if you will reside in Seaside Condo. This project has several in-house amenities such as swimming pool, park, gym and other facilities that make it a fun place to live. Other than this, it is also close to other outside amenities including MRT station, shopping mall, super maker, garden, eating joints and much more. So, this is certainty that life would be very simple once you move into this house.