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Victoria Junior College (“VJC”) was established in 1984 to replace the Pre-University classes in the former Victoria School. VJC is an international educational school that has the reputation and awards to be identified as a prestigious learning institute. The Junior College is located near the majestic Marine Parade neighborhood, which is east of Singapore and very near beautiful east coast beaches and beautiful retail and shopping estates. Other popular schools around the area include Temasek Junior College and Tao Nan School. It is a short drive away from Seaside Residences Siglap by Fraser Centrepoint Homes.

Victoria Junior College Seaside Residences

Victoria Junior College is known for providing quality high education to its students. The goal of Victoria Junior College, is to bring together students who will become responsible and globally-minded citizens of tomorrow, as well as to develop their confident leadership voice and personal identity.

The Victoria Junior College near Seaside Residences Siglap Road has become renowned as a fast track school of excellent and innovation in both their work and play academia. The College encourages their students of all levels to be “thinkers, dreamers, and doers,” in the world of diversity. Victoria Junior College students are recognized globally in possessing strong academic standings and rigorous intellectual abilities, which defines them to go out, ready to change the world in creative and meaningful ways.

Victoria Junior College Seaside Residences

Victoria Junior College provides a very stimulating learning environment, which was first judicially and legislatively discussed in the 1970’s by former Victorian School alumni’s, i.e., Messrs Wong Hung Kim, Foo Kok Swee, and Ong Teong Pin. With these educator’s unyielding support and that of the Victoria Advisory Committee, a stirring proposal was written by the late Dr. Ong Chit Chung to Singapore’s Ministry of Education, which was well received and the school began, receiving its first students in 1984.

Some of the specialized programs offered by Victoria Junior College in Singapore, and their varying departments consists of the following.

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Victoria Junior College admission is opened to the type of course students are applying for, their talents and their consistent achievements. Applicants must be current Secondary 4 or equivalent students in local schools.