Seaside Residences Condo at Siglap Link Future Siglap MRT

Seaside Residences Condo at Siglap Link. Next to Upcoming Siglap MRT Station

Frasers Sells 392 Units Seaside Residences on Launching Date

Seaside Residence is a recent launch that is situated in the planned Siglap MRT station in one of the district that is district 15. the tender program released showed that there are large bids of land for the estate. According to reliable sources, the total floor size is of about 67584squares, and from this, it is estimated that units of around 850 can be constructed in this massive plot. It is also estimated that by 2023 the MRT could be over to be used by the residence. Frasers Centrepoint Homes is the one that did all these plans. The plan covers wider areas starting from the price list, project details, location, site plan and floor plan.

Seaside Residences Sells 392 Units on Preview Day

The price for seaside residences will be charged basing on the size and function of the room. According to their plan, there will be a maximum price and a minimum price per every room. For example, a single bedroom of size 420-500 will be paid at $ 690000 as minimum price and a maximum price of $1050000. A 3bedroom of size 1023-1475 will be charged a minimum cost of $1450000 as a minimum price and a maximum of $2330000. In general, the price of every room in seaside residences will be charged differently because of room size and number of rooms one wants. 392 Units were sold on the launching date. That is like 400 unites sold.

Seaside Residences sells Almost 400 units on Launching Date

The project has specified details that enable one to know its operation. The name of the project is Seaside Residences; Their address is Siglap Road, the developer of the project is East Vue Pte Ltd that is developed by Frasers Centrepoint Singapore, the tenure period of the project is 99 years, the site area is of size 19309.6 squares. This is some of the specific details of the project. It is noted that Frasers receive interest for 392 units on the launching date itself and many of the interest were for the 4 bedroom units.

Seaside residences are located in an area where social amenities are very much available for residents to let them. The area is specifically found on the East coast near the MRT. Near Siglap, the seaside residence is various academic institutions such as Victoria school, Victoria junior academy school and Temasek primary, secondary, and Temasek Junior College. There are also places of great interest that are near Siglap seaside residence. They include East Coast Park, 112 Katong, Marine Parade Centre among others.

Seaside Residences Frasers Centrepoint Homes

These amenities are all found in the Seaside Residences; the site has various facilities that are luxurious such as swimming pool, tennis court, indoor gym, playground for children among others. The resident here do wake up and views the East Coast that is pleasing to the residents.

Their floor plans are pleasing, and every room has its plan. A single bedroom, for example, has a floor plan that is different to that of double bedroom. The floor plans are from a single bedroom to that of four bedrooms. For more information, one can visit their official website and look at the plan.…

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Indicative Pricing for Seaside Residences

Please see the below for indicative pricing for Seaside Residences


Type Size (sqft)
Min. Price Max. Price
1 Bedroom 420 – 506 $881,000 $939,000
1 Bedroom + Study 560 – 775 $898,000 $1,110,000
2 Bedroom 678 – 980 $1,106,000 $1,419,000
3 Bedroom 1,023 – 1,475 $1,599,000 $2,022,000
4 Bedroom 1,679 – 1,938 Not Released Not Released
Penthouses TBA Not Released Not Released

The Reserve Residences is an integrated development with a proposed MRT station nearby. It is a planned development that will be amidst lush landscaping, thus adding to the greenery of the surrounding area. It is located close to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Central Water Catchment Area, and it will feature a walking network connecting the residential units to nature parks and transport nodes. Far East Organisation is developing the development.

Reserve Residences Jalan Anak Bukit Condo Concept Tender GLS recently opened for developers to submit concept proposals. Successful concepts will feature integrated public amenities, high-quality interiors and pedestrian networks. The winning concept will be selected and construction will begin in 2022. It will be located in the Mountbatten area. The site has a strong potential for economic growth and is a good location for entrepreneurs.

The concept tender was awarded to the Far East Organization consortium of FE Landmark, FE Residences Trustee, and FEC Retail Trustee. The developer expects to launch the first phase of development by 2022, and marketing will begin after that. The project will be located in the upcoming Beauty World precinct and is located near a Metro station.

The Reserve Residences Jalan Anak Bukit is a mixed-use development with residential units at the upper levels and commercial space on the lower floors. The building is estimated to stand 36 stories and will feature a podium for public transport. It is close to the city’s major amenities such as public transport, retail and schools. The Reserve Residences Jalan Anak Bukit is expected to be completed by 2022. The Reserve Residences Jalan Anak Bukit Condo Concept Tender GLS is open for developers who commit to sell the units at a minimum price.



Indicative Price List for Seaside Residences

A gentle note that the pricing above is for illustration purposes for the indicative prices for Seaside Residences. Prices stated herein are subjected to changes at the discretion of the developer. The information displayed are for reference only and the website or agent cannot be held responsible for any omission or updates not stated on the website.


District 15 Condo Prices

Based on the attachment above, it can be noted that the average prices for District 15 condos have been steadily increasing and therefore this will make Seaside Residences a good investment choice as it is located in the heart of District 15. Many buyers will also be comparing prices of Seaside Residences against Mandarin Gardens as well as Laguna Park which is also East Coast facing with unblock views of the sea.

Laguna Park East Coast Pricing

Pricing for District 15 Condos near to Seaside Residences

Please see the above for the transacted prices for Laguna Park located in East Coast Park. Laguna Park land commencement date was way back in 24 August 1977 and is a 40 year old development to date. Based on the recently transacted prices as well as the chart, it can be seen that prices for older developments in East Coast are holding up their prices very well. Buyers are willing to transact at premium prices for units facing the East Coast sea and this is seen as a good indication for Seaside Residences prices as well.

The development’s showflat will be launching soon and Seaside Residences reviews note that there are 4 layouts available at the showflat for viewing. Seaside Residences psf is not confirmed at this point of time but the indicative price range is already available.

Please also see the site plan and floor plans for the available units stated in the pricing above for your consideration.…

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Different Layouts Vantage Viva Trio and Prive Available at Seaside Residences

Seaside Residences is the latest launch by Frasers Centrepoint Homes. It is located right next to the upcoming Siglap MRT Station in District 15. Fraser Centrepoint Homes successfully bid for the land area in the latest Government Land Sales Programme, which saw many high quality bids, showing that the project holds real value. The Seaside Residences project is expected to garner much interest from the home-buying public, since it will be the first condo project to be launched in the area since 2001. The development will overlook the luxurious Bedok Waterfront area. Seaside Residences will come up on 67,584 sqm of land and it is estimated that 800 – 900 units will be built over it.

Seaside Residences Vantage Viva Layouts

The land on which the Seaside Residences will come is very rare in the East Coast it allows for unbroken views of the sea. In addition, there are no other land on which development can occur between the Seaside Residences and the sea. The Siglap MRT, which is coming up right next to the project area, is due to be completed in 2023, thus bringing further convenience to the Seaside Residences community. Different layouts are available such as the Vantage and Viva layouts. More unique layouts are available in Prive and Trio.

The Seaside Residences project will offer many different floor plans, right from 1 to 4 bedrooms. There will be two typical views to be had – those facing the East Coast Parkway and those facing the Marine Parade. Seaside Residences will offer a range of luxurious amenities including a swimming pool, indoor gym, tennis court, children’s playground, and BBQ area. The prive layout comes with private life. Duo key layouts are available at the Trio Layouts.

Frasers Centrepoint Homes Prive Trio Layouts

The Tao Nan School, which is on Siglap Road, is very near the Seaside Residences, as is the Victoria School, an all-boys school founded in 1876. The Temasek Junior College is also present nearby. In addition, the East Coast Park, which is one of Singapore’s most popular outdoor recreational areas, is just a short distance away from Seaside Residences. The park offers many recreational activities, such as inline skating and outdoor barbeque facilities.

Different Layouts at Seaside Residences

Many F&B outlets, such as East Coast Hawker Centre and MacDonald’s are present close to Seaside Residences. The area also offers opportunities to participate in water sports. Two malls are present very close to Seaside Residences – The Parkway Parade and the 112 Katong Shopping Centre. The Parkway Parade is a very popular shopping centre and is located on Marine Parade. The Katong Shopping Centre is also very popular and is also located on Marine Parade. With so many options for shopping, you can be sure that pretty much all your shopping needs can be met within the vicinity of Seaside Residences.…

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Unique Space Concepts at Seaside Residences

Seven unique living space concepts from Suites to Penthouses offer wide and open layouts with flexible configurations, creating functional, beautiful homes that take full advantage of this rare seaside location. Here, every day brings stunning views of the lush greenery of the surrounding Siglap district, the neighbouring East Coast Park, and the priceless views of the sea. From young urbanites seeking to get the most out of life to multi-generational households looking for a home that satisfies the needs of every family member, Seaside Residences is where you can truly live as you desire.

Unique Space Concepts at Seaside Residences

Imagine an ideal home organiser. Where all you need is well within reach in one, smart compartmentalised storage space. Created exclusively for Seaside Residences, LIVCLO multitasks as a “Living Closet” in your living room. Here, a motion sensor light automatically illuminates when the doors are opened, and this well-designed storage space allows you to keep things tidy by categorising items by purpose and daily use. With its spacious layout and optimal line of sight stacking, accessing everything is now easy and fuss-free. Giving you additional space, form and function, LIVCLO allows you even more time and freedom to focus on the real priorities in life – enjoying your new seaside home.

Rare Seaside Location Condo right at Siglap Link


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Showflat for Seaside Residences Opens on 08 April Saturday

Singapore has always been revered as a tourist destination site. As it largely offers serenity and nature feel it is a place where many people want to settle in and invest in houses. Overtime however this hasn’t been possible as the government has been limiting the overcrowding and encroachment of residential housing in seaside areas until recently with the seaside residence condo that makes it possible for anyone to settle there.

Seaside Residences Showflat Opens from 08 April

After years of debate and endless bids, the government of Singapore has finally commissioned the building of Seaside residences. This project is to have a gross floor plan of 67,584sqm with averaged units expected to be between 800 to 900 units. This project that has been a long way coming is slated for completion before the year 2023. The showflat will be available for preview for buyers on 08 April to witness the location and the design of the development.

The Seaside residential condos are expected to be put up next to the future Siglap MRT location along the Thompson East coast line. This location is at the center of many local utilities and resting areas. Ideally the seaside residences Siglap MRT will be five minutes from East Coast Park; the most popular outdoor recreation area. This site gives it an unblocked view from the East coast lagoon. It will also be located five minutes from the Parkway Parade a huge shopping center and the Tao Nan school that is located within a two minutes’ drive from it.

Showflat Preview for Seaside Residences on 08 April

The site plan of the Seaside residence east coast park is made to ensure total inclusion of basic luxurious amenities to give off a resort feel. This includes a swimming pool, tennis court, children’s playground, BBQ areas and meeting place. This project is made to overlook the Bedok waterfront area for a relaxing feel. Security measures are also placed to ensure that even though it is to feel welcoming, no one is to face security threats from strangers while residing in this residential area.

Seaside Residences Frasers Centrepoint Homes

The seaside residences floor plan is made with developers availing different floor plans for purchase to people of various needs. This is catered through the availability of the one, two, three, four bedroom plans that are available for investment. The project is to have up to six floors with the last one having unobstructed view from all angles. Two types of facing are availed in this plans and this includes the marine parade road facing and East coast Parkway (ECP) facing. However it is good to note that this subject to changes by developers. Regardless of any changes made, the seaside project is an ideal project to invest in.…

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Strong Response Seen from Viewers of Showflat

Most of you probably know that a large number of the human population (approximately around 67%) are constantly complaining about their lives and this depression comes from the everyday struggle that people do experience. The financial experts emphasize that there’s an increasing demand for a temporary and permanent break is only because of this fact. For a potential investor who is looking for a good returnable investment or a dream home, there can be no better way of investing its money, than for something that will bring him peace. Now you may understand why Singapore’s Seaside Residences is just the place for you.

Seaside Residences Strong Response from Viewers of Showflat

Located at Singapore’s Siglap Road a magnificent heaven on earth kind of place, Seaside Residences Siglap had not claimed the title of a possible dream home for nothing. Do you think is possible to have everything around you and yet not be placed in a noisy city? -It is. We provide you with the best possible view and yet everything is at hand. East Coast Park, the school, mall, hospital all within a walking distance. It sounds like too good to be true, don’t let us be the one telling you this, you see for yourself. Based on the response seen, there is great interest in the number of viewers for Seaside Residences showflat.

Strong Indication of Interest at Seaside Residences Showflat

Seaside Residences Frasers Centrepoint Homes with a total gross floor of an amazing 67 584 sqm and an estimated 19 306 sqm site are is currently one hell of a sight. This object with an estimated 843 total bedroom units will surely provide with anything that you require. More than half of these 843 bedrooms are Bedroom Suites, Bedroom Viva and Study Suites. There is a strong indication of interest from the developer. The main purpose of Fraser CenterPoint Home when they’ve launched this project was to provide Seaside Residences Siglap MRT for all investors and that means that if you are a small investor looking for a peaceful place to live or to reside, we believe that you deserve to have it.

Strong Crowd Seen at Seaside Residences Showflat

First concern to any possible Investor it’s, of course, its safety and the safety of its friends and family. Above all, its places its focus on the indoor and outdoor safety of its residents. Seaside Frasers have a fully functional spa, gym, swimming pool, clubhouse and these are only some of the luxuries that this resort has to offer.

What more can you get than masterminding your own living place. This resort allows you to manage and adapt your residence according to yours and your family needs. An investor may choose from 1, 2, 3, or 4 room bathroom unit’s residence, which gives him so much freedom of adjusting his way of life according to his own demands.

If you feel unsure or confused, feel free to contact our team and resolve all of yours dilemmas.…

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