Frasers Sells 392 Units Seaside Residences on Launching Date

Seaside Residence is a recent launch that is situated in the planned Siglap MRT station in one of the district that is district 15. the tender program released showed that there are large bids of land for the estate. According to reliable sources, the total floor size is of about 67584squares, and from this, it is estimated that units of around 850 can be constructed in this massive plot. It is also estimated that by 2023 the MRT could be over to be used by the residence. Frasers Centrepoint Homes is the one that did all these plans. The plan covers wider areas starting from the price list, project details, location, site plan and floor plan.

Seaside Residences Sells 392 Units on Preview Day

The price for seaside residences will be charged basing on the size and function of the room. According to their plan, there will be a maximum price and a minimum price per every room. For example, a single bedroom of size 420-500 will be paid at $ 690000 as minimum price and a maximum price of $1050000. A 3bedroom of size 1023-1475 will be charged a minimum cost of $1450000 as a minimum price and a maximum of $2330000. In general, the price of every room in seaside residences will be charged differently because of room size and number of rooms one wants. 392 Units were sold on the launching date. That is like 400 unites sold.

Seaside Residences sells Almost 400 units on Launching Date

The project has specified details that enable one to know its operation. The name of the project is Seaside Residences; Their address is Siglap Road, the developer of the project is East Vue Pte Ltd that is developed by Frasers Centrepoint Singapore, the tenure period of the project is 99 years, the site area is of size 19309.6 squares. This is some of the specific details of the project. It is noted that Frasers receive interest for 392 units on the launching date itself and many of the interest were for the 4 bedroom units.

Seaside residences are located in an area where social amenities are very much available for residents to let them. The area is specifically found on the East coast near the MRT. Near Siglap, the seaside residence is various academic institutions such as Victoria school, Victoria junior academy school and Temasek primary, secondary, and Temasek Junior College. There are also places of great interest that are near Siglap seaside residence. They include East Coast Park, 112 Katong, Marine Parade Centre among others.

Seaside Residences Frasers Centrepoint Homes

These amenities are all found in the Seaside Residences; the site has various facilities that are luxurious such as swimming pool, tennis court, indoor gym, playground for children among others. The resident here do wake up and views the East Coast that is pleasing to the residents.

Their floor plans are pleasing, and every room has its plan. A single bedroom, for example, has a floor plan that is different to that of double bedroom. The floor plans are from a single bedroom to that of four bedrooms. For more information, one can visit their official website and look at the plan.