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The CHIJ Katong Convent School was first opened in 1930 in Singapore. It is all girls secondary school that has consistently been counted as one of the top performing schools on the island since school league tables were introduced back in 1994. CHIJ Katong Convent has always had a place in either the top 10 or at least the top 20 performing secondary schools in the country as a whole. Also, the fact that Seaside Residences by Frasers Centrepoint Homes is also near to Ngee Ann Primary School and CHIJ Katong Convent.

CHIJ Katong School near Seaside Residences

This school is part of a group of eleven schools owned and also run by the Company of the Holy Infant Jesus. It is near to Seaside Residences by Frasers Centrepoint Homes. Over all it is probably the school in the group with the best reputation for high teaching standards and excellent examination results. The girls that graduate from this school tend to have good career prospects and are high achievers.

CHIJ Katong School East Coast

Currently the principal of CHIJ Katong School is Ms Patricia Chan. The school is independent of public control and is a school that teaches a well balanced curriculum that makes it a value added school. The school has changed sitesca couple of times since 1930, with the original building been taken over by the British Army in it’s futile attempt to stop the Japanese invasion. Presently the school is situated at Geylang Bahru Lane, though it has not officially moved out of it’s previous premises on Marine Parade.

CHIJ Katong

For most of it’s history¬†CHIJ Katong School was state funded though it was confirmed as solely been in charge of itself in 2000. It continues to perform really well compared to the majority of schools in Singapore, and the teaching staff prides itself in giving the students a top notch education and a solid foundation for personal success once they leave the school.

Parents on the island that live near to the school are keen to have their daughters become students there, as standards are consistently high.