4 Blocks of 27 Storeys 843 Residential Units

Summer time is the best time to unwind, travel, and relax at home especially in the realms of the infamous globally acknowledged best place to visit Singapore. If you are not satisfied with living in the bountiful and clean environment of Singapore, try living in this residence that offers a wide selection of scenery, community, and countless activities for you. Seaside Residences will be the most awaited residential condominium to ever rise in the East Cost of Singapore.

Seaside Residences 27 Storeys 843 Residential Units

This residence will not only take you to the utopia everyone would love to be in, but it also sends you the thrill of having to live within a convenient place where the MRT Station in Siglap Link is also to be operated in the future. Not only that, Seaside Residences is also very near the popular Victoria School. It is not only for the sake of the luxury at 843 units of Seaside Residences condo you will experience in this community, but also for a better environment for your family.

4 Blocks of 843 Units at Siglap Condo

We can expect that when the project is actively started, the pent-up demand for the units will rapidly increase in no time. Many said that this is a very great opportunity for the company that will operate since there is a lack and shortage of residential areas in the country. The project is expected to start on April 2021, where the claim for the area and location will be legally imposed and vacated. And in three years, the Sea Residences is expected to rise among the East Coast of Singapore. There are a total of 843 units of prime residential units which have 4 blocks of 27 storeys.

You may checkout the brochure that is already available online to fascinate you more and give you a clearer image to imagine as to what soon will interest you. This includes the perfect mixture of the sea, sand, sun and the sky. What do I mean? Seaside Residences will be composed of a high rising 4 building community that is open and available to the view of the horizon of the sea. It has a vast angle of green scenery to offer in line with the sky activities available for you.

Seaside Residences Frasers Centrepoint 843 Units

Your every day in this compound will not only make your heart flutter at Frasers centrepoint new condo at Siglap MRT Station, but it will also make you cry in joy. They offer countless activities to do be it in sea like surfing, sand like sports, sun tanning and of course the sky will amaze you of the comfort it will bring encased in the rooftop of every building. What more can you possibly wish for? You can live harmoniously, savour the nature every day and night, and enjoy limitless possibilities with the upcoming Seaside Residences. If you are thinking about buying a condominium in the future, this may be the perfect one for you. So just sit back, and wait for a while. Your dream home is on its way.