Seaside Residences Condo by Frasers Centrepoint Homes

Seaside Residences Condo with Unblock Sea Views. Next to future Siglap MRT Station on Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) at Siglap Link Road

Seaside Residences is a new launch by by the developer that is located right next to the upcoming Siglap MRT Station in District 15. The latest tender which is released by in the Government Land Sales Programme under the confirmed list tender saw many bids for the plot of land. Sources indicate that the size of the land has a total gross floor area of 67,584 sqm and therefore an estimated 843 residential and commercial units can be build on this massive plot of land. Siglap MRT is slated to be completed in 2023 therefore bringing convenience for the residents.

The UOL Group has two projects in the pipeline, one of which is a residential development slated for launch in June this year. The UOL project is a 99-year leasehold site won in a land sale by the government last May. The company and two other partners are jointly developing the project in a 60:20:20 joint venture. Liam is cautiously optimistic about the development of this project through the rest of the year and beyond. In December, he expects the new property cooling measures to have an impact on the project.

Amo Residences at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 is a 99-year leasehold development situated in a prime location, with easy access to the future Mayflower MRT station and major expressways. Residents also enjoy easy access to several established educational institutions, including the Nanyang Polytechnic and Anderson Junior College. In addition, Amo Residences is located within easy reach of Compass Point, which is one of the most popular shopping areas in Singapore.

Amo Residences is within walking distance of Serangoon Garden and AMK Hub, two major shopping malls, and a MRT station. This new station will improve connectivity throughout the city and will take around 35 minutes to travel between Woodlands South and Orchard. The new train is expected to serve around 500,000 commuters daily in its first few years, and over one million by the end of 2027.

Amo Residences’ location makes it a desirable place to live for students in the vicinity of Singapore’s thriving downtown. The area is home to numerous shopping malls, including the famous Djitsun Mall. The ground floor is home to several restaurants and retail outlets. There are also fitness centres, gyms, and music schools in the area. Residents of Amo Residences will enjoy the proximity to the city, while enjoying the quiet surroundings.

Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1

Amo Residences Ang Mo Kio, a new development by the UOL Group, is set to be the latest residential project in the neighbourhood. The redeveloped site is located on a 99-year leasehold site in a mature town in District 20, close to basic amenities and schools of different stages. In addition, future residents will have easy access to the upcoming Thomson-East Coast Line MRT station, which will open later this year. The total gross floor area of the project is estimated to be approximately 31,699 square metres.

Amo Residences Ang Moo Kio, a premier HDB township, is located at the intersection of Ang Mo Kyo Avenue 1 and Bishan-Ang-Mokio Park. This development is located right next to Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, a 62-hectare public park that stretches across the district. Its central location allows residents to be just steps away from the MRT, making it a convenient place to live in.

Amo Residences Ang Mo Kio is located amidst the most vibrant part of Singapore’s CBD, just a short distance from educational and recreational facilities. It is also close to the upcoming Ang Mo Kio Square and Ang Mo Kio MRT stations. The UOL Group’s Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 has an excellent location and offers excellent views of the city and its surroundings.

Yishun Executive Condominiums offer all the luxury features of a premier tower, without the hassle of commuting to work everyday. There are numerous perks to owning such a Yishun Executive Condominium, such as a fully-equipped fitness centre, two swimming pools, a leisurely deck, a lush outdoor pool and a variety of other public facilities and amenities. This kind of Yishun property offers amazing convenience and comfort for residents. You can simply take a stroll up to your Yishun Executive condo at any time of the day to enjoy the wonderful weather and scenery. You can also go out shopping or do some office work, because all these things are conveniently located just a short distance from your Yishun Executive Condominium.

The Yishun Executive Group is a prominent real estate development company with locations in Singapore and Hong Kong. The Yishun Group boasts of many projects, including high-rise tower projects, commercial property developments and private condominiums. The Yishun Group has various projects and developments throughout the year, but their main priority is to ensure that each project goes smoothly and that Yishun executive condominiums are sold out before the end of each season. Yishun executive condominiums are sold out throughout the year, because every Yishun executive home is equipped with advanced security systems such as smoke detectors, security gates, and 24 hour guard service.

Yishun EC is located at the corner of Yishun MRT Station and Central Business District. The immediate area offers a variety of interesting landmarks, such as the Yishun International Airport, the Yishun Ring Road and the Yishun Locks and Dam. Yishun Executive Condominium is conveniently placed near the Yishun MRT Station and the Central Business District, making it easy for future residents to reach their place of work. If you have your own business, you can be assured of a safe and secure lifestyle in Yishun Executive. Other nearby attractions include the Yishun Leisure Park, the Yishun Fitness centre and the Yishun Shopping Complex.

The Yishun EC is located within the Yishun Locks and Dam. This ecotouric centre was established in 2021, using nature as its primary source of inspiration. Yishun Ecological Park offers a wide range of leisure activities, such as trekking, fishing, water sports and boating. If you like to hang around during the day, you can relax at the Yishun Ecological Park’s cafe, where you can order freshly brewed coffee and tea. The Yishun Ecological Park also features a Public Library, a Thai restaurant and a cafe/night club.

A short drive from Yishun Executive Condominium is the Yishun Integrated Transport and Parking Complex. The Yishun Integrated Transport and Parking Facility is a highly efficient public transport system, offering one-way access from the Yishun Centre to the Gold Centre and the airport. The integrated transport system has five parking spaces, which is enough for residents, visitors and local businessmen. The mall is also located right next to Yishun Centre, so residents will never have to travel any further to go to the mall.

If you want to shop at a convenient way, you must try the Yishun Lifestyle Centre at Yishun EC. The Yishun Lifestyle Centre is perfect for visitors who would like to shop for something to take home to their loved ones. The mall offers a large selection of designer clothing, gift ware and accessories. This makes it an ideal shopping centre for those who wish to buy the things they need to make their stay in Singapore a pleasant one.

If you are a student and you want to live in a quiet and peaceful environment, the Yishun Commercial Street MRT is your answer. The Yishun Commercial Street MRT is the ideal stop for students who need to study in a well-furnished environment. The commercial street is also the home of numerous restaurants and cafes, offering a variety of food choices to satisfy the tastes of its visitors. Apart from the restaurants, the MRT provides easy access to the Yishun Centre, Yishun Plaza and other important places. The Yishun Centre, Yishun Plaza and other important public facilities are located very close to the Yishun Ecological Park. This makes it a convenient way for future residents of Yishun to find a place to live.

Yishun Executive Condominiums are not just available for residential purposes but also for business purposes. The Yishun Ecological Park and the Yishun Centre offer recreational facilities such as water sports, swimming pools, nature trails and many other amenities. This makes the Yishun Ecological Park a preferred place for visiting families, while the low entry price and good transportation services make it a popular choice for businesses in Singapore.

Northpoint City Shopping Centre is situated at Yishun Leisure Village in Northpoint, Singapore. Northpoint is an exciting place to be a resident. This area has so much to offer – a blend of the old and the new, a fusion of the modern and the traditional. Located just 2.5 kilometres from the city centre of Singapore, it is within walking distance to the popular night spots of Orchard Road, Chinatown and the Gold Coast.

It is ideal for shopping and other leisurely activities. Northpoint City Shopping Centre is open all day and night, seven days a week and offers a wide variety of retail outlets. Most of the shops are open early in the morning and close late at night. Some of the major retail outlets include Maxcom, Asia Pacific Concepts, Maxicity, T&L Developments, Forever 21, Mela & Enigma, Fredrick’s Fine Foods and Louis Vuitton. There is also a huge entertainment centre inside the mall where many of the big movie releases have been screened. The mall has an indoor bowling centre, arcade centre, five-pin bowling centre, mini-golf area, arcade centres, movie theatre and a mini theatre.

A very convenient way to go to Northpoint City Shopping Centre from any part of the country is by public transport. The most popular mode of transportation to get to the shopping centre from the central bus station or the Tanay Taxi stand on the corner is the Singapore City Bus. The journey takes about an hour and half. Buses pick up customers at the Northpoint bus station and drop them off at the shopping centre. If you do not want to wait too long for the buses, you can take the tunnel walk from the northbound toll booths at the Tanay Taxi stand.

The proposed project of the Yishun MRT station has come under fire from local residents, who have raised questions on the impact such a project would have on their community. They have also complained that the Yishun MRT station is too close to many of their properties, in addition to having no direct access to the city centre. Many residents also questioned the lack of consultation with local residents prior to the decision being made to build the Yishun MRT Station. The project involves the extension of an existing platform at Yishun MRT Station to the North Point.

The major construction plan for the Yishun MRT Station consists of the upgrading of existing platforms at Yishun MRT Station and the conversion of a north-platform into an extension of the existing south platform. An upgrade of the existing south platform by widening doorways and making it wheelchair accessible would provide easier access to and from the Yishun MRT Station, as well as providing more convenient shopping for the people living in the area. Additionally, a new north-platform would add more convenience to accessing the Yishun MRT Station from the North Point. There would also be some retail shops, which offer many items and services that are not available at all the stations in the city.

Although these facilities would benefit the Yishun MRT Station, it is not clear whether the residents of Yishun would be willing to live so close to the city centre and remain in a small village, despite having convenient facilities. Many of them would prefer the convenience of shopping in the town centre or even continuing their shopping from the Yishun MRT Station, but they would still have to go through long commutes to get there. Therefore, the recent plans to upgrade and make the Yishun MRT Station fully accessible will most likely result in the loss of some residents’ interest in continuing their daily commute.

Yishun Integrated Transport Hub is a high-end shopping center located at Yishun International Airport. It is adjacent to the International Tariff Centre. The Yishun Integrated Transport Hub is one of the busiest and most expensive malls in Singapore. It houses over 400 shops, seven shopping centres, five restaurants, two food courts and five entertainment centres, making it one of the biggest malls in the whole country.

Yishun Integrated Transport Hub is a very big project that was launched in 1998 and went a very long way. People from all over the country come to the malls for shopping, eating and entertainment. There are more than 400 shops within the mall, as well as restaurants, bars, cinemas, four-star hotels, night clubs, bus interchanges, bus shelters and parking lots. There are also two underground metro stations and two bus Interchanges. The residents of Yishun pay some heavy amount of rental fees to the Yishun Integrated Transport Hub Management Company.

Yishun residents are provided with several services like, bus service, AC, water, sewer, AC and a lot more. There is a very large bus terminal located at the eastern end of Yishun Road. Tourists can take a taxi or cab from the northpoint city shopping centre to the International Tariff Centre. If they decide to walk, they can make use of the restrooms in the Yishun Shopping Centre.

There are plenty of reasons why residents in Blyde Riverton, Surrey would choose to live in Sing Holding Property. Some of these include easy accessibility to a variety of entertainment venues, proximity to major highways, excellent school districts, and access to a large variety of shopping centres. Residents will be very pleased with the many perks that they can receive from Sing Holding Real Estate, including the popular Yishun MRT Station, the Sing Holding Park retail centre, and access to the city’s famous Yishun International Airport. Here are some of these perks of choosing to live in Yishun ECR:

The Sing Holdings Real Estate Developer offers numerous perks for residents who want to live in their luxurious properties. Among these includes a bus service that goes to various destinations in the city, access to major highways, the Yishun MRT station, the Sing Holding Park retail centre, and easy access to the city’s renowned Yishun International Airport. Residents of Sing Houver City Shopping Centre or the Yishun Eco-Cities will also be pleased with many of the local attractions.

The Sing Houver City Shopping Centre is a fully automated shopping mall. The mall provides residents with an area where they can enjoy many different shops, food courts, entertainment centres, supermarkets, as well as a cinema. The Yishun International airport and the nearby Yishun Park provides residents with easy access to their favourite hospitals and businesses. By choosing to live in Yishun, residents can experience what it feels like to live in Singapore as if they were there.


Seaside Residences Project Details

Project Name Seaside Residences
Address Siglap Road
Developer East Vue Pte Ltd (Jointly Developed by Frasers Centrepoint Singapore, Sekisui House and Keong Hong Holdings)
Tenure 99 years
District D15
Site Area 19,309.6 sqm
Gross Floor Area 67,584 sqm
No of Blocks 4 Blocks
No of Storeys 27 Storeys
No of Units 843 (including 2 commercial units)
TOP 01 April 2021


Seaside Residences Condo Siglap Road

Plans by the developer quote that the developer might be planning to build a massive 841 residential units on the plot of land are designs are already underway to cater to a successful launch for this plot of land. According to analysts, these plot of land is very rare in east coast as it offers an unblock view of East Coast and there is no additional land in front of Seaside Residences for development.

No New Condos at East Coast Parkway

There is no new condos around the area ever since 2001 and therefore will receive good interest from the ground. Buyers of Siglap Seaside Residences will be amazed by this iconic development and can also enjoy the amenities at East Coast Parkway as well as the condo’s facilities such as swimming pool as well as tennis court. Given the huge number of units for the plot of land, there should be a full range of facilities available at the development. Tao Nan School is also near to Seaside Residences at Siglap Road. There will be a total of 843 residential and commercial units located in Seaside Residences and many of the units will have an unblock sea view of the East Coast beach. The latest development is Midwood Hillview which is near the Jurong Lake District that is located near to Hillview MRT Station. Please see their payment schedule for the latest details on the development.

Seaside Residences East Coast Park Beach

Please see Seaside Residences site plan and floor plans for more information.


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East Coast Park a few minutes away from Seaside Residences

East Coast Park is one of Singapore’s most popular outdoor recreation area for your family and friends to gather over the weekend. There are many facilities available at East Coast Park. The park is popular for leisure activities such as inline skating as well as outdoor barbecue.

There is also many flagship F&B outlets such as East Coast Hawker Centre as well as MacDonald’s available for the residents. There are also facilities for leisure water sports. Owners of Seaside Residences also get to enjoy the unblock sea view as well as beautiful costal line of East Coast Park

Parkway Parade just 5 minutes drive from Seaside Residences

Parkway Parade is a hugely popular shopping centre located in Marine Parade. It is one of the flagship location whereby many people gather here for their shopping or food cravings. Many retail outlets which include HDB commercial shops selling different kind of merchandise is available here.

Parkway Parade is developed by Parkway Holdings and managed by Lend Lease. There are many food options such as cafe and restaurants which are mostly located at the basement level of the shopping centre. There is also a office component located in Parkway Parade.

112 Katong Shopping Centre opposite Marine Parade MRT Station

112 Katong Shopping Mall is a shopping centre that has underwent recent refurbishment that is located right in the heart of Marine Parade. It is a popular shopping mall among the young adults as the stores are trendy and cater to the trend followers. There are a total of 7 levels of shopping and F&B outlets available in the shopping centre.

To complete the lifestyle experience as a trendy shopping centre, the mall has its own movie theatre. The outlook of the mall carries a Peranakan theme as it is located in Marine Parade. There is play deck on the 4th floor of the shopping centre and there are plans by its stakeholders, Keppel Land to turn it into a alfresco dining area.

Tao Nan School located just 2 minutes drive from Seaside Residences

Tao Nan School is a primary school in Singapore that is located in the Marina Parade and the East Coast area. It is a popular primary school in Singapore along with other primary schools such as Nan Chiau High School. Tao Nan School is one of the few primary schools in Singapore that offers the Gifted Education Programme.

Tao Nan School is started by the Hokkien Clan Association on on 8 November 1906. The school’s educational programme put some focus on the educational reforms in China at the end of the 19th century. Tao Nan School begin its lessons at the residence of Tan Kim Ching on North Bridge Road where it is now moved to its current campus in Marine Parade. It is one of the oldest primary schools in Singapore.

Victoria School Located Beside Seaside Residences

Victoria School is a all boys school found in 1876 and is located right beside Seaside Residences. It is affiliated with one of the top Junior Colleges, Victoria Junior College and is a short walk away from East Coast Beach. Victoria School is located at Siglap Link but its previous campus were located at Syed Alwi and Tyrwhitt Road.

Victoria School started as an English class formed in Kampong Glam Malay School in 1876 and the school grew in popularity as it provided shelter for the homeless when there was frequent floodings in the city state. Victoria School offers the 6 year Integrated Programme (IP) thereby students sit for the GCE “A” Levels directly It is also one of the few schools that offers Physical Education at GCE “O” Levels.

Seven Different Layout Concepts For Every Lifestyle

Seven unique living space concepts from Suites to Penthouses offer wide and open layouts with flexible configurations, creating functional, beautiful homes that take full advantage of $his rare seaside location. Here, every day brings stunning views of the lush greenery of the surrounding Siglap district, the neighbouring East Coast Park, and the priceless views of the sea.

From young urbanites seeking to get the most out of life to multi-generational households looking for a home that satisfies the needs of every family member, Seaside Residences is where you can truly live as you desire.

Temasek Junior College Seaside Residences Frasers Centrepoint Homes

East Coast Park

East Coast Park is an iconic leisure entertainment spot where there are a whole range of activities available for the residents to use such as cycling, roller blade or simply relax at the beach with your family and friends to spend the weekend away. Educational Institutions

There are so plenty bistros as well as eateries along East Coast Park together with leisure bars to catch up with business associates or friends which is a short drive away from Seaside Residences.

The development Seaside Residences is by Frasers Centrepoint Homes and is located next to Siglap MRT Station.

8 Bids Submitted for Seaside Residences Tender

There are a total of 8 bids received for the land at Seaside Residence and this suggest developers are still hungry for well position sites that allow them to build an iconic and well positioned development to spur demand for their projects. Recently, the new launch and resale market in Singapore has been less than ideal but caveats lodged and condo reviews suggest that buyers are still looking for unique and well placed development such as Seaside Condo in Siglap where amenities such as water sports, cycling as well as eateries which are aplenty in the East Coast area. LIVCLO Living Concept at Seaside Residences also provide owners with the ideal compartment places to residents to store their luggage. There is a motion sensor that lights up the space when the door is open. Livclo comes in all units at Seaside Residences regardless of the bedroom size. More information with regards to Meyerhouse Condo by UOL Group East Coast is available here for your consideration.

Seaside Residences Frasers Centrepoint Homes at Siglap Link

Seaside Residences price is currently indicative only and Seaside Residences psf will be revealed closer to the launching date on 22 April. Also, for shopping, Parkway Parade is just a short drive away. With this in mind, it is noted that the developer will not face any competition when it launch the project this year end. There is also some indication that there might be some lifting of the cooling measures as the property prices in Singapore has dropped lately and there are indications to spur demand in the local real estate scene.

Frasers Centrepoint Homes will be launching the development somewhere around in 2017 and is expected to receive good response on the ground as it is close to many amenities. Also, there has not been any new launches around in the area.

Siglap MRT Station Seaside Residences Frasers Centrepoint

Why Seaside Residences next to Siglap MRT Station

  • Located right next to Siglap MRT Station
  • Victoria School a stone throw away from the development
  • Close to other educational institutions such as Ngee Ann Primary School as well as Tan Nan School
  • Whole range of eateries and entertainment outlets at East Coast Park
  • 112 Katong and Parkway Parade just a few minutes drive away
  • Unblock view of East Coast Park as well as East Coast Lagoon
  • Easy access to the city via East Coast Parkway (ECP)
  • Iconic 1.9-hectare of prime land with unblocked beach and sea view frontage
  • Few minutes walk to East Coast Seafood Centre

New Aventures Everyday at Seaside Residences

Seaside Residences New Condo Siglap MRT

Temasek Junior College

Temasek Junior College is located just a short distance away from Seaside Residences and is one of the top academic institutions in Singapore offering the GCE “A” Level Curriculum.

Temasek Junior College is one of the institutions that offer its students a straight 6 year education leading directly to the GCE “A” Level thereby bypassing the “O” Levels. It is also one of the Junior Colleges that place great emphasis on Co-Curricular Activities such as Basketball or Soccer and every student is to at least take part in one of them to promote a more holistic education other than academic excellence.

It is noted that The Seaside Residence Siglap MRT Station location is unparalleled as besides the future Siglap MRT, there are many places of interest near to the development. For owners who are taking public transport, several buses are also available along Marine Parade Road as well as Siglap Road that drives straight to the city via East Coast Parkway or East Coast Road. For car owners, the location is also excellent as the city area is only a short drive of 15 mins to the Central Business District area as well as Changi Airport. Based on the brochure, there will be different layouts and floor plans available to cater to different lifestyles and family sizes.

Singapore Expo and East Coast Beach Nearby

Singapore Expo is also a mere 5 minutes drive away. The proximity of Seaside Residences to East Coast Parkway of the land by Fraser Centrepoint unit FCL Topaz, Sekisui House and Keong Hong Holdings unit KH Capital also mean that time is not wasted traveling along minor roads to reach the expressway thereby saving precious time while traveling to and from work. Seaside Residences address is located at Siglap Link. Other developments that is worth to take a look include Fourth Avenue Residences floor plans which consist of many other units available. Fourth Avenue Residences is a upscale development in Bukit Timah.

Parkway Parade Shopping Centre Seaside Condo Siglap MRT

112 Katong

112 Katong is a shopping mall located a short distance from Fraser Centrepoint Homes Seaside Residences. It is a relatively new mall that opened in 2011 and is a very popular mall in the East Coast and Katong area.

There are several retail and F&B outlets available in the mall and parking is very convenient due to the ample space available. There are also many anchor tenants such as BreadTalk as well as Soup Spoon available for the residents to indulge in.

East Coast Park Seaside Residences Siglap MRT

For family who have children planning to find a good school, academic institutions are also aplenty around the East Coast and Siglap area. Ngee Ann Primary School and CHIJ Katong are around the area as well. For tertiary education, Seaside Residences is also a short drive away from Victoria Junior College as well as Temasek Junior College. There is a similar condo nearby called Cote D’Azur. Also, CHIJ Katong Convent School is also around in the area. Analysts also note that Seaside Residences Condo will be well received as there are no new condos around the East Coast area and the location near to the MRT should gather good response from both home stayers and investors alike. Please take a look at Uptown @ Farrer Condo if you are interested in core city centre condos. The development is located right next to Farrer Park MRT Station and is near to many shopping centres and eateries. For buyers looking around the Hougang area, there is a new development called Riverfront Residences Hougang at Hougang MRT Station by Oxley Holdings. Riverfront Residences is one of the biggest developments located in Singapore. Please also see the comparisons between freehold and leasehold developments.

Please also see more info with regards to the new development Riviere Jiak Kim Street that is by Frasers Property as well. Riviere Condo is a new development at the former Zouk Site. Riviere will be the next Riverfront Property that is located at Jiak Kim Street. This modern living combines city living together with amenities located at the Singapore River. Rivere Frasers Property is the next new development launching soon. Please also see Ki Residences Hoi Hup Realty which is a 999 Years leasehold development located in the city. Ki Residences Clementi is a new development for sale soon in the mature estate of Clementi.

More information with regards to Midtown Suites can be found here. Midtown Suites Guocoland is located right in the heart of Bugis. Please also see new development by Frasers Property as well. The development is called Fraser Residence Promenade and is located near to Singapore River. Fraser Residence Promenade is also by Frasers Centrepoint Homes and is located near to Singapore River. More info with regards to The Antares FSKH Development can be found here. The Antares is by the developer Hock Lian Seng Holdings and Keong Hong Holdings.

The new development former Casa Meyfort is located right in the heart of the city. Meyer Modern Guocoland is the former Casa Meyfort located at East Coast Park.

Please also see Meyer Mansion Condo by Guocoland located right in the heart of East Coast at Meyer Road. Meyer Mansion will be available for sale soon is the former Casa Meyfort Enbloc.

Prices for Seaside Residences Frasers

The top bid of $642 million which translates to $858psf also meant that the break even price for the developer should be in the range of $1,200 – $1,300 psf and the developer could be looking to launch Seaside Residences preview at a average selling price of $1,500 – $1,600 psf. The price list is yet to be released. News on the TOP Date is yet to be announced but based on forum projects launching, it is estimated it will be around in 2020 – 2021. Market watches are quick to compare to immediate vicinity developments that are selling which have features close to Seaside Residences showflat. The average selling price for Mandarin Garden is $938psf where else Costa Del Sol is around $1,200psf. Both are 99 year developments but the remaining lease for Costa Del Sol and Mandarin Garden are 81 years and 62 years respectively.